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  I'm a man born in 1964 in Tromsø in Northern Norway, way above the Arctic Circle.
I was raised by my mother at our homeplace in the island of Senja in Troms, just a bit south of Tromsø.
I was raised by my mother since my father sadly died in 1968, about 3 months before my 4th birthday.

I have always been interested in the things that is difficult to explaine, and I have experienced stuff myself that there is no explanation for.
For a long time I did not pursue this part of me, I even tried to act like it not existed, while the deep soul slowly did grow and emerged when the time was right.

At the website I will tell about my journey, but for not making a too large jump back in time I will start from the second half of 2018, when my deep soul fully awakened.
  I have classified the stories under the year they belong to, except for three pages; Meditation, Stretching and Nudism. These three are all important parts of me and how I want to nourish my soul.
They are also important parts of my meditation system.
At left the oldest picture of me that I have, at about 3 months of age, pictured with my father.
At right I am about 3 years of age.
  My grandmother at my mothers side had some "gifts", and I was always fascinated by her stories.
She came from Dverberg in Andøya, a island south-west of Senja.
They always told stories about her family's heritage, that part of it was not from Andøya, possible not from Norway. Judging by the pictures of my grandmother and her mother, other relatives of my grandmother, and even my uncles and aunts, we can guess that the rumours and stories about the family's origin were not completly made up.

My grandmother, her mother, and my grandmothers nephev; Kåre Johnny Wikestad, the
man that I have been named after. You can also find him pictured as an adult below

At left my uncles Johan and Oddvar
At right Kåre Johnny Wikestad

My mother and my father


  I began at a early stage to get interested in martial arts, in 1973, at the age of 9 years, when my cousin Nils Johan did show me a book about Kung Fu that he had aquired.
I instantly did know that "this was me", as a matter of speech.
This interest in martial arts eventually led me to meditation, Zen-thinking, Taiji & Qigong and a partly eastern mindset.
But that was not enough, I had to further explore, to follow my path.

In my meditation system stretching is an important part to
let the energy freely float throughout the body.
Flexibility also has health and everyday living benefits.
More about this at the Meditation and Stretching pages


  My meditation system is closely connected to Gaia, the forces of nature and the four elements;
Fire (the Sun), Water, Air and Earth.
The meditation system is both passiv and active.
More about this at the Meditation page.

This was a short story about me and
why I have made this page.
The pages classified under the different
years will follow my journey.
A journey into what you might ask....
A journey to be the best possible version
of myself, to find inner peace, to explore
and thrive, to grow and help others
grow, to learn about Gaia and to connect
to her, to get insight, to understand,
to be part of something bigger, to
protect and to serve Pachamama -
Mother Earth, my mother.

  Notice that I makes a difference between "soul" and "deep soul"
as they are not the same, but nevertheless parts of the same....
  Dette webområdet er en del av Kakon-web